May, 2011 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Venus And Adonis by Jean Francois de Troy Kiss by Raimondo Roberto, 2009 Ale House Door by Henry Singleton, 1790 The Embrace by Stephen Alcorn A Couple Dining by Lennart Jirlow The Duet by Adolphe-Alexandre Lesrel, 1888 Music Hour by Federico Andreotti
Portraits Of A Married Couple by Franz Eybl, 1851 Project 16, Sexual Behaviour Marie (Mark) & Sara, No.24, Lovers by Robert O. Lenkiewicz Edmond And Therese Morbilli by Edgar Degas, 1867 Serious Business by Charles Dana Gibson, 1914 Couple by Andrey Aranyshev Farewell by Sulamith Wulfing Horace And Lydia by John Collier
Venus And Mars by Sandro Botticelli Carry On Dancing by Hu Yongkai A Romantic Dinner by John Gannam (Magazine Illustration), 1957 Kuss by Max Klinger The Muse Inspiring The Poet (Marie Laurencin & Guillaume Apollinaire) by Henri Rousseau Pastoral Lovers by Karl Kowalczewski, 1917 (Tapestry Design) A Bunch Of Flowers by Louis Charles Moeller
In The Restaurant by Charles Hoffbauer, 1907 Venus And Adonis by Christiaen Van Couwenbergh, 1645 At Mouquin's by William Glackens, 1905 La Lettre by Juan Gris c.1909 John Gibson Lockhart And Charlotte Sophia Scott (Mrs Lockhart) by Robert Scott Lauder Good Message by Denis Gorshunov Edvard And Nina Grieg At The Piano by Peder Severin Kroyer, 1892
The Kiss by LeeAnn Alexander At The Village Party by Vasily Mayzin, 1960 Sir Robert Shirley And Wife, Teresia by Anthony van Dyck, 1622  




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