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Courtship by Lawrence Alma-Tadema Angelica And Medor by Bartholomaus Spranger
The Soul Attains by Edward Burne-Jones Singing Shepherdess And Shepherd - Unknown Artist (After Honthorst) Sappho And Phaon by Jacques-Louis David Tristan And Isolde by Rogelio de Egusquiza The Time And The Place by Edmund Blair-Leighton The Duke And Duchess Of North Caldwell by Federico Castelluccio Sleeping Beauty by Edward Frederick Brewtnall
The New Spinnet by George Goodwin Kilburne Jupiter And Danae by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Siegfried And Kriemheld by Henry Fuseli, 1807 Farewell by Calderon, Philip Hermogenes Hippopotamus Polka, Sheet Music Cover, Unknown Artist, c.1850 Colonel And Mrs Wyndham Murray by Heywood Hardy Tristram And Isolde by N.C. Wyeth
The Lute Player by Jan Steen, 1670 L'amour by Jean-Antoine Watteau Lovers With Flowers by Marc Chagall Pausias And Glycera by Peter Paul Rubens Reading Couple by Pierre-Auguste Renoir The Lovers by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Katherine And Petruchio by Robert Braithwaite Martineau
Doubt by James Dromgole Linton Tea In The Garden by Walter Dendy Sadler Sleeping Beauty by Jennie Harbour Palemon And Lavinia by Henry Singleton The Pride Of Dijon by William Hennessy Listed, 1886 by William Henry Gore Portrait Of John Sheepshanks At His Residence In Old Bond Street by William Mulready
The Lovers Seat, Shelley And Mary Godwin by William Powell Frith  





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