March, 2013 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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A Family Portrait, Czechoslovakia, mid 19th Century by Alois Spulak Tristan And Isolde by Maxwell Armfield
The Best Thing That Ever Happened by James Avati Couple by Rudolph Belarski Aucassin And Nicolette by Amelia Bowerley Before The Cake Was Cut by Robert Broderson A Gift by Umberto Brunelleschi Yorinda And Yoringel In The Witch's Wood by John Duncan Institution Of Marriage by Dana Ellyn
Skaters by Eric Gill, 1926 You Read To Me, I'll Read To You by Edward Gorey Courting Couple, Wood Engraving by Derrick Harris, 1959 A Reflection Of Beauty by Elbert McGran Jackson, 1930's Damon And Phillida Reconciled, A Scene From Colley Cibber's 'Damon And Phillida'by William Jones A Knight And His Lady by William G. Mackenzie African Wedding Party by Pamela Mccabe
Massai Soulmates by Pamela Mccabe Reclining Figures, Man And Woman 1 by Henry Moore, 1975 Self Portrait With Nude, 1902 II by Pablo Picasso Portrait Of The Artist's Parents by Pietro Fabris, 1832 Couple by Yannis Psychopedis Achilles And Patroclus by Mark Satchwill The Lovers by Anthony Tewfik
Unknown Artist - Illustration, 'Bed Of Hate', paperback cover, 1955 Unknown Artist - Lovers Kissing At A Piano, Postcard Image, c.1900 Unknown Artist - Spanish Couple, c.1910 Unknown Artist, French - Portrait Of A Married Couple, Late 18th Century Lovers by Li Wang The Loiterers by Irving Ramsey Wiles, 1887 Lovers by Mihaly Zichy, 1858
George & Irene Fiske, Farmers At Hill Farm, Playford by Anna Airy  






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