March, 2007
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Allegory Of Peace And War by Pompeo Batoni Ermudende Konversation by Oscar Bluhm Putting On The Finishing Touches by Jean Carolus, 1860
Romeo And Juliette by Alexander Daniloff Portrait Of Robert Grant And His Wife Elizabeth by Arthur Devis Subway Kiss by Marty Hatcher La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Arthur Hughes Italian Genre Scene by Johann Nepomuk Schoedlberger (Attribubted to), c.1850 Romantic Couple by Alexander Johnston (Engraved by J. Jenkins) The Lovers (Somali Friends) by Los Mailou Jones
Hiawatha With His Bride Minnehaha Walking Hand In Hand by M.L. Kirk Visit To The Minister by Ludwig Knaus Navajo Courtship by William R. Leigh On Ice by Ray McCarty Man And Woman Sitting At The Virginal by Gabriel Metsu Adam And Eve (Sistine Chapel) by Michelangelo Henry And Emma by John Opie, 1796
Gallant Dragoon by Gioacchino Pagliei Italian Lover by Glen Preece Sleeping Girl by Pietro Antonio Rotari The Awakening by Walter Dendy Sadler Elegant Couple In An Interior by A. Stephan Sedlacek, c.1900 Louis XVI And Marie Antoinette, Miniatures - Signed Dumont Campfire Romance by Haddon Hubbard Sundblom
Embrace by Serge Solomko Declaration Of Love by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo Unknown Artist - Couple With Doves, c1890 Unknown Artist - Courting Scene, c.1860 Unknown Artist - En Garde Lovers by  Abraham Walkowitz, c.1908 Evening Courtship by Harold Von Schmidt
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