June, 2006, Romantic paintings, love paintings, love art, lovers art, couple art
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Couple V by Braj Mohan Arya Oui by Georges Barbier Man And Woman by Max Beckmann, 1932
Passion Is A Woman by Rudolph Belarski, 1952 Enigme by Henri Bellery-Desfontaines, 1898 Dirne (Prostitute) by Heinrich Davringhausen, 1921 Difficult Bride by Pavel Fedotov, 1847 The Artist And His Girlfriend Rafaela Kikiewicz by Remigius Geyling Flight by Alexander Kaiser Young Peasant Couple by Franz Kuna, 1930's
A Happy Couple by Pietro Longhi Tampuhan by Juan Luna Couple Walking On A Forest Path by Peder Mork Monsted, 1904 The Farmer's Woman by Rudy Nappi Sleeping Beauty by Peter Newell, 1907 A Couple by Emil Nolde, 1935 Lovers by Felix Nussbaum, 1928
Wet Kiss by David G. Paul Amor Loco by Matias Quetglas A Roman Couple by Peter Paul Rubens, c.1615 The Music Lesson by I. Sabatini Memories by Serge Solomko, 1910 My Wife And I by Istvan Szonyi, 1924 The Key by Eduardo Ungar
Unknown Artist - The Secret Love Letter Box Lid With Portraits Of A Married Couple by E. Uswald, 1792 Venus And Adonis by Paolo Veronese, 1580 Venus And Mars by Paolo Veronese, 1581 The Bird Nester by Jean-Antoine Watteau Two Paintings On Porcelain Of An Elderly Couple by Franz Wagner, Late 19thc  

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