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Promenade by Pierre Auguste Renoir Gotch, Thomas Cooper - Betrothed Unknown Artist - Russian Lovers Moore, Albert Joseph - Idyll
Guerin, Pierre Narcisse - Aurora And Cephalus Boilly, Louis-Leopold - Point de Convention Coques, Gonzales - Equestrian Portrait Of A Couple Hals, Dirck - Merry Company With Flute Player Blair-Leighton, Edmund - Lord Burleigh Fidus - Fruhlingsodem, 1893 Brown, Ford Maddox - Corsair's Return
Gerard, Francois - Daphnis And Chloe, 1825 Grefe, Will - Hello, License Clerk - 1910 Hunt, William Holman - Hireling Shepherd van Loo, Jacob - Bacchic scene de Troy, Jean Francois - The Garter Unknown Artist - Respect And Adoration Unknown Artist, French School - La Courtisane Amoureuse, 18th Century
The Suitor by Ladislaus Bakalowicz L'Amour et la Folie by Jean-Marc Nattier (le Jeune), 1744 Cymon And Iphigenia by Frederic Leighton Unknown Artist, Master Of The Fontainebleau School - The Lovers Music Making Couple by Jan Miense Molenaer Russian Song by Nikolay Antonov Nuptial Bower With The Evil-One Peeping At The Charms Of Eden by James Gillray
Unknown Artist(s) - Offering Of The Heart - Tapestry, 15th Century, Flemish Dante And Beatrice by Evelyn Paul Springtime by Pierre Auguste Cot David Garrick And His Wife by William Hogarth, 1757 Unknown Artist - A Much Anticipated Kiss Conversation Piece by Benjamin Wilson  

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