January, 2006 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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American Gothic by Grant Wood Secret Kiss by Georges Barbier Pareja by Rogelio Barillas Vows by Edmund Blair-Leighton A Welcome Distraction From Chores by Joseph Caraud Adam And Eve by Beryl Cook Cupid And The Rose by Walter Crane
Dancing Sailors by Charles Demuth, 1918 Lover Boy by George Gross Love by Gustav Klimt Romantic Scene With Shepherd Couple by Georg Kugler, 1868 Adam And Eve by Fernand Leger, 1934 The Music Lovers by Jean-Pierre Lorand Adam And Eve by Vladimir S. Lyubarov, 2000
Dream Of Paradise by Vasily Mayzin Lovers by Koloman Moser, 1913 The Lovers by Haris Mustafa Sunrise 2 by Vladimir Novak The Love Message by Raymond Peynet The End Of The Furrow by Felicien Rops All My Fancy Dwells On Nancy by Walter Dendy Sadler
Faust And Gretchen by Hendrik Frans Schaefels, 1863 The Farmyard by Henry Singleton, c.1810 Puppy Love by Sam Skelton William Fairfax, 3rd Viscount Fairfax of Emley, With His Wife, Elizabeth Smith by Gerard Soest Guess Who? by Serge Solomko Vulcan And Venus by Bartholomaeus Spranger, 1610 Unergrundlich (The Unfathomable) by Ludwig Thiersch, 1874
Unknown Artist, French - Skating Couple, The Timid Pupil, c.1810 Lovers Dancing At Sunset by Luis Castellanos Valui Artist's Parents-In-Law, miniature attributed to Jean-Baptiste Jacques Augustin, c.1800  




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