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Lovers by Albrecht Durer Lovers by Marc Chagall Cupid And Psyche by Benjamin West Cephalus And Procris - Unknown Artist, Florentine School, c.1650 Courtship In The West by T.W. Huffam The Declaration Of Love by Jean Francois de Troy Ed And Kathy by Isa Maria
Queen Victoria And Prince Albert At The Bal Costume Of 12 May 1842 by Edwin Landseer Venus And Adonis by Gerard Hoet Procris And Cephalus by Godfried Schalcken Jupiter And Callistio by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson Scene Galante by Louis Joseph Watteau, 1774 Dispute Of The Rose by Louis Leopold Boilly Lovers Looking At Cranes - Unknown Artist, India
In Love by Marcus Stone The Lovers by Johann Michael Mettenleiter, c.1785 Paradise Gardens by Nikolay Antonov Ninth Month by Louis Leopold Boilly Allegory Of True Love by Pieter Pourbus Couple by Jean Francois Portaels Portrait Of Sir Edward And Lady Turner by Allan Ramsay, 1740
Union Of Earth And Water by Peter Paul Rubens Ill Matched Lovers by Quentin Matsys Sir Christopher And Lady Sykes by George Romney, 1786 Rustic Lovers - Unknown Artist Scene Of Love or, The Gallant Conversation by Peter Paul Rubens Scene From Moliere's Tartuffe by Jacobus Buys, c.1795 Portrait Of A Gentleman And His Wife by Francois Guerin
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